Banking with a Purpose

What Investing Becomes

We make it fun and easy to invest Into companies and raise capital for opportunities.

How Works For You

Stone Digital matches asset owners wanting to raise capital with investors looking to invest in digital securities. Powered by a team of leading technologists and financial titans, we offer a full-service platform, where digital securities are transparently issued, automatically tracked, and frictionlessly traded.

Intuitive Technology

In a few clicks you can register, trade, buy, and sell. Our advanced technology works for you, making investing easy.

Lower Cost

Our integrated platform eliminates intermediaries, reducing costs. Low minimums allow you to invest as much, or as little, as you want

Accelerated Access

Only 90 seconds to register, immediate access to investment options, and near instant settlement.

Invest with ease,
raise capital with confidence

What Investing Becomes

Our platform makes it simple to issue, buy and sell Digital securities globally and build a portfolio for the future of what investing becomes. No other digital securities platform matches Stone Digital’s access and service offering.


Easily browse through assets – real estate, cars, collectibles, you name it!


Learn how to invest your money with easy to understand videos, asset summaries, interactive images and models


Start building your portfolio with the click of a button. Low minimums allow you to invest as much, or as little, as you want.

Manage + Buy & Sell

Keep your portfolio in your pocket. You will be able to buy more shares, sell Your current shares, and manage your portfolio in real time.

Bank with

Stone Digital provides unique investment Opportunities in a variety of asset classes, Helping you build a customized, diversified portfolio.
Real Estate Shares
Private Placements

Banking With a Purpose

Every time you work with Stone Digital, you are actively funding social and environment impact. The world’s most tremendous threats are also the biggest opportunities, it’s time to align your investments with global values. 

20% of out Profits will fund positive social and environmental impact

Sustainability is at the center of how we invest

Our sustainability integrated portfolios can help investors achieve their financial goals.

Sustainability has reshaped finance

Social and environmental change is driving a serious reassessment of risk, Stone Digital has become the new hub for this reallocation of capital.


Will fund positive environmental and social impact.

“We are building a full-service institution for the future of what investing becomes”

Oliver Gale | Stone Digital

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